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The jackpot of €5,300 was not won.2 patrons matched 3 numbers and received €200 (Billy Cunningham Midleton , Mairead & Ena Coughlan) LOTTO is suspended for the next few weeks and will be reviewed on the 12th of April 2020





Its Mothering Sunday and what a beautiful day it is in The Kingdom. Instead of gifting flowers and cards we should all give the gift of Health by following the guidelines of the HSE and reduce social contacting, we will have plenty more Mothering Sundays if we all play our part.

To quote my own mother "Your Health is your Wealth" and now more then ever that quote relates to every single person in this World today. 

We can't stop the virus, but together, we can slow it down.

Keep practicing the below and play your part by :

- Reducing social contacting 

- Distance ourselves 2 metres from people in shops and supermarkets

- Stop shaking hands 

- Avoid touching our eyes, nose or mouth

- Washing our hands regularly and practice cough and sneeze hygiene

- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

- Check on our family, friends and neighbours

- Work from home where possible

#wearekerry #kerrygaa

#GAAbelong #wherewebelong

Stay Safe

Thank you to those

for staying at home,

Thank you to those 

working out there

delivering food or working in Care,

Thank you to those

who are helping others to save 

our Mothers and Fathers

The Community Spirit

is shining bright.

We will make it through

Its worth the Sacrifice

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