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Jackpot €6,500 not won. 4 Patrons matched 3 numbers and receive €100. Jackpot for draw on November 2nd will be €6,500. Dr Crokes lotto results , 26th October 2020.TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM DR CROKES CLUBHOUSE, GLEESONS SPAR College Street and usual sources or you may play online at



Kerry GAA Fighting the Good Fight   02/04/2020

Kerry GAA hopes this Newsletter finds you well

"Together is a beautiful place to be"

Last week we launched a home workout challenge for all our Supporters, it has proven very popular across the World, there has been over 300 workouts and 81,500 reps logged online. 

Are you part of this statistic? 

Fantastic work if you are, keep moving and working out. 

You havent started yet... why not start today, click into the invite email and follow the instructions to sign in to access the 4 workouts for Week 1.  

Dont forget to save each and everyone of your workouts as you will have a chance to win a signed Kerry Jersey each time. 

Did you sign up? Did you miss the cut off for Week 1?

Fear not... you have up to midnight Friday 3rd to register FREE for Week 2

Did you tell a family member or a friend about Kerry GAAs workouts? 

Our vision is to keep all our Supporters fit and healthy, both in body and mind. Help us to do this by sharing this Newsletter with family and friends and get them working out with Kerry GAA.

Our Teams will need each and everyone of you when they run onto our pitches again. 

We can't stop the virus, but together, we can slow it down.

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