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The jackpot of €5,300 was not won.2 patrons matched 3 numbers and received €200 (Billy Cunningham Midleton , Mairead & Ena Coughlan) LOTTO is suspended for the next few weeks and will be reviewed on the 18th of May 2020



Stress Control programme   08/05/2020

The HSE Health & Wellbeing Stress Control on-line programme will be broadcast on Monday 11th May for its second run.  The programme is free of charge and runs for three weeks. To join simply go to to register. 

With an average daily Irish viewership of nearly 3,500 per session, the initial three week programme which ran recently, proved very popular with Irish audiences who joined an online community to learn ways to tackle the increase in worry and stress we are all feeling. 

Speaking about the programme, Dr Christina Corbett, HSE Senior Psychologist commented: “This programme aims to provide easy access to practical information for anyone who may be feeling anxious or stressed at this time. We have had a lot of positive feedback from Irish participants.”

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