Club Notes Week 51 2020   21/12/2020

LOTTO draw took place on Monday December 21st numbers drawn were 8 14 21 28

JACKPOT €6,500 not won 5 Patrons matched 3 numbers receive €80 Pa O`Sullivan Safe Hands, Jordan Laura Pa c/o Eddie. Tim Coffey Jack & Oisin c/o Chris, Pat & Deborah Ann O`Shea 3 draws for Xmas Vouchers Frank O`Shea Maynooth, Mike Murphy c/o Larry, D. McCarthy

Jackpot for draw on December 28th will be €6,500

We are calling on all members to support our weekly lotto as this represents one of the main sources of revenue for the club. With activity likely to recommence on the fields over the next few weeks we need people’s support to maintain our facilities in Lewis’s Road. We have made a number of alterations to make things easier for members to play the easiest one being to play it online by following the link below And follow instructions attached
When you click on the link it brings you to the Clubforce Main page. From here click Club name Dr. Crokes Gaa. This brings you to another page that you again put in Dr. Crokes, which in turn brings you to the Dr.Crokes home page. From here click lotto and the rest follows on. Alternatively download the Clubforce app,

GOLF SOCIETY the Xmas Hampers were played on Saturday last on O`Mahonys Point sponsored by Patrick O`Sullivan and Tatler Jack Results 1st Niall Brosnan (24) 43pts., 2nd Johnny Courtney (18) 42pts, 3rd John Brosnan (5) 41pts., 4th Tomas O`Regan (12) 40pts., 5th Ian Cronin (6) 40pts., Cat. 1 Frank Shaw (5) 37pts, Denis Coleman (8) 37pts., Cat 2 David Looney (15) 39pts, Karl McMahon (16) 37pts, Cat 3 Greg O`Donoghue (20) 34pts., Ger Brosnan (25) 34pts., Front Nine John Lynch (8) 20pts, Back Nine Colm Galvin (19) 19pts., Congratulations to all prizewinners and to Harry O`Neill on winning Golfer of the Year.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cian McMahon and Kerry Minor Team on a wonderful victory over Cork and best of luck in final v Clare. Harry Byrne and Leo Randles were also members of panel.

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS the Chairman and Club Executive wish members players supporters a Happy Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year.

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