Club Notes Week 14 2021   05/04/2021

LOTTO draw took place on Monday April 5th numbers drawn were 1 3 14 18. JACKPOT €5,000 was  not won. 4 Patrons matched 3 numbers and receive €100,   John O`Leary,  Sinead Sugrue c/o Enda,  Patrick O`Brien c/o Larry,  Kathleen Moriarty c/o Eddie Jackpot for draw on April 12th will be €5,000 

We are calling on all members to support our weekly lotto as this represents one of the main sources of revenue for the club. With activity likely to recommence on the fields over the next few weeks we need people’s support to maintain our facilities in Lewis Road. We have made a number of alterations to make things easier for members to play the easiest one being to play it online by following the link below And follow instructions attached

When you click on the link it brings you to the Clubforce Main page. From here click Club name Dr. Crokes GAA. This brings you to another page that you again put in Dr. Crokes, which in turn brings you to the Dr.Crokes home page. From here click lotto and the rest follows on. Alternatively download the Clubforce app, 

. on  

Level the Playing Field We’re calling on you to help your local LGFA club to “Level the Playing Field”. Every time you spend €30 or more, and scan your Lidl Plus card at the till, you’ll receive a stamp on your digital stamp card. If you spend €60, you'll get two stamps, €90 = 3 stamps, and so on.  

Once you have collected 6 stamps, you can submit your completed stamp card which will be added to your chosen club’s total. The more stamp cards submitted for your club, the more rewards they will receive.  

  Follow the simple steps below and help your local LGFA club!  


Step 1: Tap “Start collecting” on the home screen of your app. Make sure to do this before you do your shopping, or you won’t get stamps.  


Step 2: Select your club by following the instructions on the home screen.  


Step 3: Collect your stamps and fill the stamp card! Get one stamp for every €30 spent.  


Step 4: When your stamp card is full – submit it! You can collect as many stamp cards as you like but don’t forget to submit them or they won’t count.  


Rewards begin at a set of new jerseys for clubs that collect at least 50 stamp cards and go right up to €5,000 in cash funding for 500 or more completed cards. In addition, the club in each province that collects the most stamp cards will win the €20,000 top prize. Click here for more information including progress updates for clubs and shareable resources to encourage engagement in your community.  

Remember to scan Lidl Plus every time you shop to collect your stamps!  

TEAM MANAGEMENT B team for 2021 will be managed by James Fleming he will be assisted by Philip O`Connor, Tommy Brosnan, James Jones and Paul Downey. 

MEMBERSHIP Registrations now open...This is a reminder that Dr. Crokes GAA member registration is now open for 2021 season. 

We are asking all members to download the clubforce app using the following link IOS: Android:

if you already have the App installed since last year you will have to log out & log in again to refresh the App. We will be using the app & email for communicating with members & parents on information on the anticipated return to play & club & team news, below is the link directly to pay your membership which is now due for the coming year 

DR. CROKES SHOP you can now shop worldwide new selection of Jackets, gilets masks and snoods and other items. Shop online https/ 

MASTERS GOLF CHALLENGE we will be holding another Golf Challenge on Masters on April  8th -11th. Cards are distributed to  usual sellers or may be played online Best option is to click on guest link which will bring you directly to the card and if not a member of Dr. Crokes. If you are a member the guest link will default to your Clubforce log in https/// member 

FAMILY Fun Competition in the next few weeks we will be running a fun competition all ready committed to participating are Colm & Mark Cooper  Fionn and Cilian Fitzgerald  Tony and Steve Brosnan  Micheál and Mickey Joe Burns. Áine and Leah McMahon. Further detail to follow 

COVID UPDATE I know you will be aware by now of the positive announcement by the Irish Government this evening that non-contact underage training in pods of 15 will be permitted from April 26th and that full contact Inter-County training at adult level can re-commence from April 19th. 

These are hugely welcome developments and allow us finally to begin planning on-field activity for the remainder of 2021. However, it should also be noted that these dates are conditional and will very much depend on what happens in terms of the overall COVID-19 picture in the coming weeks. For that reason, it is more important than ever that no collective training sessions are held between now and the Government indicated return dates. Breaches in this context will not only be dealt with under our own Rules but would likely put the broader plan to return to activity in serious jeopardy. 

As you will appreciate, we need to receive further clarity on aspects of what was announced today before finalising our plans for a return to training and ultimately games. We also need to finalise competition structures and dates for the up-coming inter-county season, as well as ensuring advice is provided for all clubs in relation to how they can safely recommence underage activity (and in the case of the 6 Counties, adult club training from April 12th). 

At this point, we can only confirm that Senior Inter County teams both North and South are likely to be permitted to return to collective training from Monday, April 19th. We hope to be in a position to confirm the fixture calendar and competition structures for inter county by the end of next week.. We also hope to have finalised updated versions of our Return to Play documents for both inter-county and club activity ahead of the stated dates for resumption North and South of the border. 

In the interim, we would ask for your patience while we complete this work and we look forward to 


2020 Injury Fund Extension to 31 May 2021 

Given that no activity has been possible for January to March 2021 a further two-month extension of Injury Fund cover has been ratified by Coiste Bainistíochta. This will now take the 2020 cover term up until 31 May 2021. 

This means that the GAA Injury Benefit Fund cover remains in place based on existing 2020 team registrations. Units do not need to register or pay for their 2021 teams until re-invited to do so. Details with regards to registering and payment for the 2021 GAA Injury Benefit Fund will issue once we have more clarity from Government as to what the coming months may look like. 

It is a condition of the extended 2020 Injury Fund cover to 31 May 2021 that in advance of any permitted return to train or play in either April or May, “All players will still be required to be individually registered for the 2021 season on the new “Foireann” membership system.” 2020 player registrations will “NOT” carry over into 2021 and cover will be declined if a player is not fully registered for the 2021 season in advance of any return to train or play in 2021. 

Pause on “Loss of Wages cover” from 1 January 2021 

Following discussion at a meeting of Central Council on Saturday 20th March last, it was agreed to review the following two options as alternatives to the current pause that has been applied to the loss of wages cover that forms part of the wider Player Injury Benefit Fund. 

1. Offer all our playing members who may feel that loss of wages cover is a prerequisite for participation in GAA activities for 2021 to individually subscribe to a stand-alone GAA endorsed personal injury cover plan for 2021. 

2. Review the 2021 Injury fund premium payable by each of the 1,500 units and potentially increase this premium by 25% to partly cover €1.3m of the forecasted €3m fund deficit to May 2022 if loss of wages cover is to be reinstated during this term. The funds ongoing deficit is primarily due to the absence of gate receipts during this term which ordinarily sub-vents the shortfall in the fund annually. 


In a general context, while there are undoubtedly some challenges ahead for the Association, there is also plenty of hope that with the availability of vaccines and the roll out of the inoculation programmes North and South of the border, a summer filled with Gaelic Games activity lies ahead. 

In the meantime, we await the upcoming government announcements and will continue to communicate regularly with all units. We also request that you keep yourself updated with all communications given the fluid situation that we now find ourselves operating in. Finally, we want to remind you all of the importance of personal responsibility for our actions in relation to Covid-19 as we work together to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. 

BEST WISHES to Cait Griffin who is currently recuperating from surgery.

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