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Jackpot not won. 11 patrons matched 3 numbers receive €40. Jackpot for draw on June 27th will be €6 500 We are calling on all members to support our weekly lotto as this represents one of the main sources of revenue for the club. With activity likely to recommence on the fields over the next few weeks we need people’s support to maintain our facilities in Lewis Road. We have made a number of alterations to make things easier for members to play the easiest one being to play it online by following the link below and follow instructions attached



Dr Crokes GAA US PGA Challenge 2021   13/05/2021

Dr Crokes GAA US PGA Challenge 2021. Best option is to click on the guest link which will bring you directly to the card if not a member of Dr Crokes. If you are a member the guest link will default to link

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